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CBD for Sleep: Can CBD soft gels really help with sleep?

August 03, 2023 3 min read

CBD for Sleep: Can CBD soft gels really help with sleep? - Leaf Remedys

Trouble falling asleep at night?

Do you wish you could stay asleep throughout the night without any interruptions?

Well, say hello to CBD soft gels.

Now, we know you’ve likely heard of CBD before, and maybe you’ve even tried it in the past. Well, we’re here to invite you to give CBD soft gels a try.

Let us explain…

How CBD helps with sleep

There’s a ton of studies involving CBD, but the research surrounding CBD for sleep is still in its infancy. However, there are a few studies worth mentioning.

As it turns out, anxiety can be a huge contributor to poor quality sleep. But this research indicates that high quality CBD not only calms the nerves, but has also been used to address anxiety related issues. In fact, one study revealed that almost 80% of participants who consumed CBD for their anxiety issues reported having fewer anxiety episodes throughout one month. In that same study, over 65% of those participants said their sleep improved as well [¹,²].

Additionally, there’s a compelling scientific case report that involves a young girl who suffered from PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, self-destructive behaviors, and suicidal thoughts. While she was given medical treatment and medications, nothing seemed to help for the long-term. However, after consuming CBD for a period of month, her grandmother stated:

“My granddaughter’s behaviors are definitely better being on the CBD. Her anxiety is not gone, but it is not as intense and she is much easier to be around. She now sleeps in her own room most of the time, which has never happened before.” [³]

We don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty compelling result of CBD.

So, what does this mean for…

CBD Soft gels and Sleep

Every person is different. What works for one human may not work for another. That’s because we’re all biologically different.

We know that CBD oil is often the method of choice for consuming CBD, but some people actually respond better to CBD soft gels. In fact, some have even reported that CBD soft gels’ effects last longer than traditional CBD oil.

Because CBD soft gels are designed to be taken as a food supplement, they must be metabolized through your digestive system and filtered through your liver. Some people might suggest that due to this process, CBD soft gels might not be as bioavailable as regular CBD oil. But it seems that other people feel that when CBD is digested through the stomach, the natural compounds and endogenous chemicals found in our gut help work together with the CBD to help achieve better rest. More research is still needed to validate this, but the theory is interesting to say the least.

Nevertheless, we suggest that if you’re curious to see if CBD soft gels can help you sleep, we encourage you to buy CBD soft gels that contain other sleep promoting ingredients, like melatonin, chamomile, lavender, and other essential oils. And here at Leaf Remedys, those are our exact ingredients.

In order to function properly and achieve proper health, we need quality sleep. And sometimes we need a little help in achieving a good night's sleep. We invite you to give CBD another go, and consider trying CBD soft gels that have been specifically formulated for sleep. You never know, you might be just one CBD soft gel away from a good night’s sleep.

For additional questions, feel free to reach out to our Leaf Remedys team. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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