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Pet CBD is Effective, but is it safe for pets to consume it long-term?

August 02, 2023 3 min read

Pet CBD is Effective, but is it safe for pets to consume it long-term?

 It’s not uncommon to administer pet CBD treats and CBD oil for pets on a daily basis. After all, it’s clear that CBD can be just as effective for our four-legged friends as it can be for us.

But how much pet CBD is too much? When should pet CBD be administered? and how long should your fur baby remain on this supplement?

Let’s start with…

When should pet CBD be administered?

There are many reasons pet owners give CBD to their furry friends. But the most common reasons include [¹]:

  • Anxiety (pet separation anxiety, shelter rescue anxiety, and loud noise anxiety)
  • Pain management
  • Reduce seizures
  • Relieve gastrointestinal issues

Keep in mind that the reasons listed above for pet CBD administration are more anecdotal than scientific. And more studies are needed to explore the benefits of CBD for pets.

That said, there are a few studies that have shown pet CBD to be effective in calming nerves, enhancing brain function, and managing stress from traveling, hospitalization, or any other situations that may cause anxiousness [²,³,].

For these reasons, it’s not uncommon for pet owners to administer CBD treats and CBD oil to their pets on a daily basis.

Many pets, especially dogs, benefit from consuming small doses of CBD throughout the day.

In fact, experts suggest that CBD can be given to your pet every 8 to 12 hours without causing adverse effects. However, that’s only if the pet CBD oil and CBD treats are created with high-quality CBD and other clean ingredients [].


How much pet CBD is too much?

While some experts might suggest that pets, like dogs and cats, cannot overdose on CBD, it is possible that it can make them feel unwell if they consume too much of it.

Too much pet CBD may cause your pet to feel sedated, or it can give them diarrhea [].

A good rule of thumb is to base the amount of pet CBD oil and CBD pet treats on how much your pet weighs.

Experts suggest that you start with .2mg of pet CBD oil per pound of your pet's body weight.

For example, if your pet weighs 10 pounds, they’ll only need a serving of 2mg of CBD. A 20-pound dog only needs 4mg of pet CBD oil.

However, if your pet is suffering from more debilitating health issues, you may want to play around with the dose. (Note: It’s always best to start slow and with a low dose.)

Is CBD safe for pets long-term?

While it’s completely safe to give CBD to your dog and cat everyday, experts are still determining if there are any long-term effects associated with pet CBD.

While more studies are needed, many pet owners have noticed dramatic positive changes in their pets when they regularly consume CBD treats and pet CBD oils.

That said, it's important to note that not all CBD is created equal.

In order for pet CBD to be truly effective and safe to consume, it must be created using high quality CBD derived from high quality hemp.

Here at Leaf Remedys, both our pet CBD oil and CBD pet treats are created from high quality hemp and other all-natural ingredients.

We created our pet CBD products because we too want our pets to live their best lives. That’s why we focus on total transparency and third-party testing.

We invite you to explore what pet owners are saying about our pet CBD products. And if you have any further questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our Leaf Remedys team. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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