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CBD and Caffeine: The Ultimate Nootropic Duo

August 02, 2023 3 min read

CBD and Caffeine: The Ultimate Nootropic Duo

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed caffeine and CBD together? Would you get a crazy rush of energy? A sense of calm and relaxation? Or both?

Well, wonder no more because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of these two amazing substances. 

Now, you’re probably thinking: “How can you possibly combine the jittery jolt of caffeine with the chill vibes of CBD? That's like trying to mix oil and water!" But trust us, this combo is a lot more effective than you think.

Let’s start with…

The Science Behind Caffeine and CBD

While we don't have all the scientific facts just yet, anecdotal evidence suggests that this unlikely duo could be a match made in heaven.

According to a study published in The Journal of Internal Medicine, coffee and cannabis (which includes CBD) activate similar pathways in the brain. This means that there may be some kind of interaction between caffeine and CBD, but we still have a lot to learn [¹].

What’s more, CBD might be able to counteract some of the jitters caused by caffeine. This means that if you're someone who loves the energy boost of caffeine but hates the anxious aftermath, adding some CBD to your routine could be the perfect solution [²].

And that’s not all…

Benefits of CBD and Caffeine

While CBD can help with everything from anxiety to sleep, caffeine is the go-to for a quick pick-me-up. But when combined, these two can bring out the best in each other [²].

Let’s look at a few other benefits of combining CBD with caffeine.

Feeling Calm Without Feeling Sleepy

Some folks find that cannabinoids make them feel a little too relaxed for productivity. But don't ditch your CBD just yet! If you're looking for the perfect pick-me-up to add to your routine, consider adding caffeine to the mix.

By pairing CBD with caffeine, you can get the calming effects of CBD without feeling sluggish. What’s more, consuming certain amounts of CBD can actually induce wakefulness. Just imagine what would happen when you combine the perfect dose of CBD with caffeine [³].

Feeling Less Stressed

While caffeine can give you the energy boost you need to power through a busy day, it can also make you feel anxious and on edge.

Luckily, CBD's calming effects can work wonders when it comes to calming your nerves and helping you feel more centered and focused. Combining caffeine with CBD is like a yin and yang situation - they balance each other out perfectly [²].

Feeling More Focused

Caffeine and CBD are like a dynamic duo for boosting productivity and focus. Both compounds have nootropic effects that can help you stay alert and engaged throughout the day.

What’s more, Mixing CBD and caffeine with ashwagandha can create a potent nootropic effect that boosts cognitive performance [].

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