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CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

July 30, 2023 3 min read

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis - Leaf Remedys

 Meet Chewy, a 14-year-old Yorkie who developed walking problems. He has 2 compressed discs and battled painful arthritis.

His owners tried everything they could to help ease his pain, but as his old age caught up to him, he only continued to struggle.

But just when his owners thought they had no other option but to watch their sweet fur baby suffer, they discovered pet CBD oil.

With a few little tweaks to the dosage and how many times they gave little Chewy the pet CBD oil each day, they started to notice something truly amazing…

After just two weeks, Chewy began bouncing around outside and walking with ease. And that’s not all… As it turns out, little Chewy was sleeping better at night too.

This is just one anecdotal testimony describing the benefits of pet CBD oil.

We love it! And we know there are hundreds more. But if you’re still on the fence about giving your furry companion pet CBD treatsor oil, we totally understand.

While Chewy’s recovery story is ruff-tastic, let’s face it… Diligent pet owners like yourself need something a little more concrete. What you need is scientific proof.

Which brings us to a very groundbreaking scientific study… 

CBD Oil and Arthritic Dogs

Back in 2018, researchers decided to administer two different doses of CBD oil to dogs with Osteoarthritis (OA) [¹].

For 4 weeks, scientists administered one group of canines with 2mg of pet CBD oil every 12 hours, another group received 8mg of pet CBD oil every 12 hours, and the final group received a placebo dose.

The pet owners were required to assess their dogs regularly, as well as have them examined by a trained veterinarian throughout the trial.

The results of this study were nothing short of groundbreaking: “Veterinary assessment showed decreased pain during CBD treatment… No side effects were reported by owners [¹]…”

What’s more, a systematic review showed that over half of the studies that involved Osteoarthritic dogs treated with NSAIDs had adverse effects primarily with gastrointestinal problems [¹].

Other pharmaceutical drugs, like gabapentin or amantadine, showed very little evidence of being effective for dogs suffering from chronic or neuropathic pain that’s related to OA [¹]. 

But guess what? CBD showed solid evidence of improvement!


Should You Give CBD to Your Dog with Arthritis?

Now, pet CBD companies are still not allowed to make any claims that their pet CBD treats or oil can help treat pain, inflammation, or arthritis. And that’s actually a good thing.

Here’s why: Not all Pet CBD is created from high quality grown hemp and clean ingredients.

But when you do come across a pet CBD brand that offers only the highest quality pet CBD oil and pet CBD treats, it’s not uncommon to see testimonial after testimonial talking about a positive transformation in their furry friends.

Our only suggestion is that you research the CBD brand first to see what real-life pet owners have to say about their pet CBD products.

Once you recognize their legitimacy and transparency, we suggest you give their Pet CBD a try. Because you won’t know if your pet will benefit from it unless you have them give it a try.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs and Other Pets?

According to multiple studies, CBD has a very safe profile. And from the study above, no adverse effects were reported.

That said, we realize that each dog or cat is different. So what works for one pet may not work for another. The same is the case for humans.

Honestly, it all boils down to the quality of the pet CBD product you buy.

The more reputable the brand, the more likely the pet CBD oil and treats will be of higher quality as well.

One thing’s for sure: Pet CBD is less invasive and is considered a remedial option. Just be sure to monitor your dog or pet very closely, and adjust the doses as you see fit.

For additional questions and concerns, please reach out to our Leaf Remedys team. We’re always happy to help!


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