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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Give CBD to Dad this year!

July 26, 2023 3 min read

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Give CBD to Dad this year! - Leaf Remedys


For all the scary spiders getting squashed, being the handyman around the house, coaching your sporting events, grilling the best steaks you’ve ever eaten, and offering pure entertaining philosophical advice — Father’s Day is your chance to show some much needed dad appreciation.

And what better way to show the hero in your life pure admiration and gratitude than through an awesome Father’s Day gift that can truly better his life?

Yes, we’re talking about CBD for dads, but we get it: Maybe CBD doesn’t sound all that cool to give to someone like your dad on Father’s Day, right?

Wrong! Believe it or not, men are currently the key demographic for buying CBD products. And we’re not surprised why…

Benefits of CBD for Dad

Sure, baseball caps, grilling utensils, and everyday tools might seem like the best dad gifts, but didn’t you get those for him last year, or the year before?

Let’s get real for a sec… Dads carry a lot on their shoulders, and they rarely ask for help or get the self care they desperately need.

But the truth is, men’s self care is just as important for our dads as women’s self care is for our moms.

You see, CBD holds a ton of therapeutic benefits, and because it’s less invasive than conventional drugs, men like your dad are much more likely to reach for a CBD tincture or a CBD cooling gel than for a bottle of over-the-counter pills.

In fact, many clinical and non-clinical trials have studied CBD’s medicinal properties. Many of these studies explore its effects on sleep (insomnia), anxiety, pain, focus, depression, inflammation, and overall stress. And check this out… The results of these studies showed CBD to be incredibly beneficial for the issues listed above [¹,²].

Amazing, right? But that’s not all…

According to Yale Medicine, men are more likely to use CBD for sleep. And we all know what happens when we sleep, right? Of course, our dad’s body gets the rest and restoration it needs to tackle the stresses of the next day [³]. 

And who could use a better night's sleep than your dad? Are we right?

But the only way your old man is going to experience the awesome benefits of CBD is if he consumes high quality CBD products from trustworthy CBD brands.

So where do you buy high quality CBD for Father’s Day, and which CBD product makes for the best dad gift?

Leaf Remedys Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide

We’re just gonna say it: Leaf Remedys is the answer to all your CBD needs, especially for Father’s Day.

Now, we have a ton of CBD products to choose from, so we understand it can be somewhat overwhelming to find the perfect CBD gift for dad this Father’s Day. That’s why we’ve created an easy Father’s Day CBD gift guide of all of our CBD products.

For starters, every dad could use a highly potent tincture of CBD oil. That’s why we create both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures. They’re among our top sellers and they’re highly reviewed.

But if you want to surprise your dad with a gift of sweet and chewy treats, then you’ve gotta give him our deliciously flavored CBD gummies. They’re pre-dosed and are powerfully therapeutic.


If being discreet is important to you, then your dad will love our CBD capsules and softgels, which are formulated for specific needs like mental focus and restful sleep.

But perhaps our most dad-friendly CBD gift idea is our CBD cooling gels. Your dad is always putting his body through tremendous wear and tear, and nothing soothes the muscles and joints better than topical CBD.

Our topical CBD cooling gels are packed with therapeutic cooling ingredients that offer immediate effects that last for hours. Heck, get one for yourself and enjoy the much needed soothing benefits too.

Now, it’s totally understandable if you're still unsure of what CBD product to give your dad for Father’s Day. That’s why we suggest you get a few different CBD products and create a fun gift basket for him. That way, your dad can see which CBD products work best for him.

While a relaxing day at the spa might not be what your dad has in mind this Father’s Day, high quality CBD products may be just what he needs to help keep him in his prime and feeling like his superhero self.

As always, we invite you to reach out to our Leaf Remedys team for additional questions and concerns. We’re here to help. And to all the amazing fathers and dad-like figures out there, have a Happy Father’s Day!



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