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CBD for Weight Loss: Can CBD Help Me Lose Weight?

August 05, 2023 3 min read

CBD for Weight Loss: Can CBD Help Me Lose Weight? - Leaf Remedys

We all know that Cannabidiol (CBD) is most popularly known for reducing inflammation, anxiety, and pain, as well as improving sleep and mood. But according to research, it seems that CBD oil may be linked to weight loss as well.

This is great news, considering the fact that obesity is a major epidemic that hundreds of millions of people face. It’s a huge contributor to poor health, mobility disabilities, and death in America and other developed countries [¹].

So how exactly does CBD oil help with weight loss?


Metabolism and CBD oil

The way CBD oil affects the human body is based largely on how it affects our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) –– a biological system made up of receptor cells that help maintain health and wellness throughout the body [²].

These receptor cells are separated into two categories:

  • CB1 receptor cells –– found throughout the brain and central nervous system
  • CB2 receptor cells –– found primarily in the immune system

Here’s why these cells are so important: The CB1 receptors, in particular, tend to spread more throughout the body in people who struggle with obesity.

But when CBD oil is consumed, it helps stimulate [³] our endogenous cannabinoids by regulating their release—thus encouraging our metabolism to be more efficient and active.

And if your metabolism is more active, then your body can burn more energy, which promotes weight loss.

But that’s not all…


CBD and weight loss

In 2016, Korean researchers found that CBD has a huge effect on stored fat []. In fact, it affected fat cells in three different ways:

  • CBD can help stimulate the genes and proteins that increase the breakdown of fat cells found throughout the body.
  • CBD enhances the human body’s ability to create and burn energy.
  • CBD helps reduce the proteins that are responsible for creating new fat cells that form throughout the body.

But perhaps the most compelling research is that CBD influences white fat to turn into brown fat, which is known to help prevent obesity and stimulate weight loss [].

Now you may be wondering… Does all CBD oil help with weight loss?


Most effective CBD oil for weight loss

If there’s one thing you need to know when purchasing CBD oil, it’s that not all CBD oils are created or formulated the same.

In other words, not all CBD companies are using high quality hemp when formulating their hemp-derived CBD products. And if they’re not using organically grown hemp, it’s likely they’re not using high-quality ingredients or that they’re thoroughly testing their CBD products before they hit the market.

However, here at Leaf Remedy’s, we take the formulation of our products very seriously. All of our products contain organically grown American hemp, other organic ingredients, and they’re rigorously tested by third parties.

Bottom line: While CBD should never be used to diagnose or treat serious health conditions, it helps to know that according to scientific research, high-quality CBD oil is effective in stimulating how much energy and calories our metabolism can burn.

Furthermore, CBD is known to be non-addictive and can help promote better eating habits. So if you’re considering trying CBD for weight loss, be sure to only purchase high-quality CBD oil from reputable CBD companies.



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